Why is dlink DIR-615 router not connecting with google home mini

D’Link wireless router is one of the best devices that allows you advanced features along with amazing speed of connection. It will come with a dual band frequency of 2.4ghz or 5ghz,. It’s octa core dual processor makes it more efficient to amplify the network over a large area. This smart device is compatible to work with all kinds of wireless devices like google home mini. If you are wondering about the best networking router. Then the dlink dir-615 router is the best. The size of this amazing router is attractive and comes with 130.5 x 129.8 x 34 mm. This supports Wi-fi connectivity as well as ethernet connection. It provides wireless type of 802.11n, 802.11b, 802.11g. That provides amazing experience of seamless streaming online videos. 

This device has come along with high gain omni antennas. It has its own DHCP (dynamic ip). This router is fully support the operating mode of router mode | AP mode | Repeater mode | client mode. The configuration of this router is a very simple process. By using the D-Link assistant mobile app you can easily access the settings and can manage it with your android device. You can also use the web browser setup. The advanced security system of this device makes it more secure. It allows you WPA/WPA2, DDos prevention. You can easily connect the google home mini smart device. If it’s not connecting with the router can reset google home mini. So here are some steps to fix it. 

Reason why home mini not connecting to dlink dir-615 router 

The dlink smart wireless router always updates with the latest features. To enjoy the latest features you can perform firmware updates. This amazing device also provides you amazing features line TR-069, IPv6, static router etc. It creates a client bandwidth limitation for the guest zone clients. This amazing device has a warranty of 3 years. You can easily connect your smart home mini speaker with the router. But sometimes users will face many kinds of issues so here are some reasons.

  • Google home mini not connected to the router.
  • No internet connection.
  • Router firmware is not updated.
  • Home mini connected with other wireless device. 
  • Router not powered “ON”

So these are some reasons, Due to this kind of problem you can face. Follow the given steps in order to fix it. 

Connect home mini to the dlink dir-615 router

Sometimes the home mini automatically disconnects with the wireless router. Then due to low range coverage it won’t be able to find the wireless network. So ensure your router is powered “ON”. And has internet connectivity. Check the google home mini is working, Try to connect with your smartphone and check if it’s working or not. Sometimes the home mini fails to respond to the network. You can change the SSID or reset your wireless router in order to fix this issue. Please input the right wireless encryption password in order to connect. 

Check internet Connectivity

Must ensure that your router is attached with the DSL line and has internet connectivity. Sometimes the internet will not work due to server down. In order to fix the issue you can check the internet status by connecting any other wireless device to the networking router. In case the router has internet access but home mini can’t detect the network. Then you can perform a network reset to the home mini device. Simply open the wireless settings and click to dlink network and forget it, then connect with the network again by entering the correct password. 

Update router firmware

Open the control center or launch the dlnk app in order to check the firmware details. If your router firmware is outdated or corrupted it will fail to connect with google home mini. Simply download the latest version of firmware by visiting the official website. And download the firmware. Then open the admin center and select your downloaded file and update your router. It will resolve your issue. 

Forget saved networks of home mini

By Accessing the saved networks of your google home mini can delete all the networks. Just then power off your device and restart it again after 5 minutes. Now connect your home mini with your dlink dir-615 router. If you are suffering low range issue. Can use the tplinkrepeater to extend the network.  Don’t forget to enter the correct password otherwise the connection will not be established. 

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