Is essay writing getting heavy on your nerves? Are you among those students who feel it pleasant to assign their tasks to others and pay them for their services? It is because, in student life, writing is like a burden, and students try their best to avoid such tasks. They usually ask for the services of professional essay writers to get their tasks done.

No doubt, money can make everything possible with no hurdles. If you are not a student but giving your services as an essay writer, then this article is very helpful and can make it possible to add you to the crew of best UK essay experts.

There are some mistakes that most custom essay writers make while writing a custom essay. Avoiding these mistakes can make you prominent among other custom essay writers.

6 Biggest Mistakes One Must Avoid

Following 6 mistakes must be avoided before writing a custom essay.

Say No to Plagiarism First!

Plagiarism is not acceptable in any case. It is the major mistake that the essay writers make while writing a custom essay. It is considered cheating, and no institute or instructor allows it. 

The question that is arising in your mind for sure is how to avoid plagiarism? Below are some steps that you can follow to avoid plagiarism. 

  • Proper referencing
  • Citation of Sources
  • Rephrasing

   No Plagiarism, No Tension!!

Unsuitable title

The title of the essay must reflect the main theme of the essay. It is the crux of the whole essay, so it should be so captivating to grab the readers’ attention. It must force the readers to read the whole essay. The topic must match the content of the essay. Otherwise, it will put a bad impact on the readers. 

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How to avoid an unsuitable title?

  • Use of small words in the title
  • The topic must be concise 
  • Make it unique
  • Try to copy or steal topics of other writers
  • Take suggestions of others about the topic to reduce the chances of rejection.

The separation between the Paragraphs

While writing an essay, the transition of paragraphs is very challenging. Paragraphs must be coherent and interlinked with each other. One must try to avoid such formatting that can create an impact on paragraphs of two different topics. Sticking to the topic, paragraphs should be by the topic and the main idea.

How to avoid paragraph separation?

  • Use of proper transitions for paragraphs
  • Try to start paragraphs with different phrases
  • All paragraphs must be coherent

More than one topic

People usually prefer simple and easy things. More than one topic of an essay makes it difficult for the readers to focus on the essay. The essay must have a topic that perfectly matches its main idea. Including too many topics for an essay make it difficult for the readers to build interest while reading.

How to avoid more than one topic in an essay?

  • Choose one topic for the essay
  • The topic must reflect the main idea of the essay.
  • Try to choose a topic that must be attention-grabbing
  • Stick with the main idea

Poor Formatting

It is another major mistake of custom essay writers that makes the students and teacher offended of them. Say No to Poor Formatting! Only writing content is not enough to win the hearts of readers. The best content can be rejected due to poor and wrong formatting. You must be aware of proper formatting and must not neglect the formatting details. Poor formatting has a bad impact on the readers, so they will not even bother to read it.

How to avoid poor and wrong formatting?

  • Read all the formatting guidelines carefully.
  • Select proper style and format
  • Do not neglect the paper margins and their size, font size, font style, page numbers, running heading, spaces, and table of content.
  • You must follow all the instructions regarding good and desired formatting.


Writing is never an easy task. Putting too many facts and numbers may bore the readers. Same in case with the repetition. Readers mostly get annoyed due to the repetition of words within an essay. It also put a bad impact on the readers. It would be best if you tried to remain innovative from the start of the essay till the end. Avoid repetition of the topic and the same words within the essay.

How to avoid repetition in a custom essay?

  • Keep using new words.
  • Try to discuss new ideas.
  • The whole content of the essay must be engaging.
  • To avoid repetition and uniformity, you can raise questions in the essay to engage the readers with the same interest.
  • Try to insert quotes.

By avoiding certain mistakes, a good custom essay can be written, and well it is time to roll the sleeves, grab your pen and write an effective essay.

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