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7 Top Travel YouTube Channel in Indonesia

Travel YouTube Channel – Currently, YouTube has become a well-known sharing medium throughout the world, including in Indonesia. There are various kinds of videos that we can watch, ranging from casual ones to those with concepts, from those using cellphones to those using pro cameras.

In Indonesia itself, there are now more and more well-known YouTubers who have earned tens of millions of coffers from YouTube channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Call it LastDay Production, EdhoZell, or the account of the president’s son who is currently popular, Kaesang Pangarep.

On average, all of them raised daily topics that were indeed sold. All YouTubers and vlogger would aware about this.

Then, what about Travel YouTube Channel accounts in Indonesia? An account that contains videos about the natural beauty of Indonesia. Approximately how many make videos about travel, about nature & culture in Indonesia?

Not much.

I only know a few traveler accounts that make YouTube traveling videos about Indonesia. However, most of these Travel YouTube Channel videos about the beauty of Indonesia do not have a lot of views instead of earning thousands of dollars in profits.

Making videos is not easy, you have to create a clickable YouTube subscribe button or another extra to make it great.

Just imagine…

This traveler must bring (additional) tools that are quite heavy, then prepare time to capture videos (besides photos of course). The return trip must be edited again before showing on youtube. I myself am just learning video editing really feel this.

7 Top Indonesian YouTube Travel Channels

So, here I am making a list of 10 Indonesian travel channel YouTubers that are my own version. Don’t forget to watch the videos, give a thumbs up and subscribe to the account.

1. Lostpacker

I have known Mas Tekno Bolang since joining the Indonesian Travel Blogger community. He blogs at Since then, I have seen that Kak Bolang has always been consistent in producing video works that tell the beauty of Indonesia.

The video is cool too. One of my favorite videos is called Kembara, about his 3 month trip to Nusa Tenggara. If you agree with me, comment below!

2. Barry Kusuma

Mas Barkum is already a well-known travel photographer and videographer in Indonesia. His job is to just walk around that makes people jealous. I once went on a trip together to Kalimantan during the Terios 7 Wonder event, the people are cool, not stingy with knowledge and most like to eat. Just look at his body hahaha

As an Travel YouTube Channel, Barry Kusuma’s video is cute and at the time of writing this article there are about 56 videos on his youtube account. So much to see!

3. Jalan2men

Jalan2men was formed by the duo Jebraw and Naya. Through videos, they tell about their experiences and adventures to unique places in Indonesia in the video series produced by

Its mission is only to collect and document places in remote areas of Indonesia that may have never been known.

Also, want to be a positive trend for young people who like to travel to explore Indonesia’s nature.

Update: Hmmm… looks like Jalan2Men doesn’t produce travel videos on YouTube anymore(?)

4, Indonesia Travel

It’s clear, this account is the official YouTube channel of the Ministry of Tourism. Of the 145 videos show that, it have the best views on almost 27 million times.

Still inferior to videos from LastDay Production which has a views on 141 million times since they make it for the first time at 2 years ago.

Please watch the videos and subscribe to the account.

5. SearchRI

This TelusuRI account exists as a movement to invite everyone, including you, who are proud and love Indonesia. The goal is very noble to want to record the various beauties of Indonesia that never run out.

Come on, support them by subscribing to the TelusuRI account.

6. Kaskus Travelers

Filled by reliable photographers and videographers such as Rendy, Mousky, Ridho, and Zacky.

They are also consistently traveling around Indonesia and capturing images through photos and videos that are distributed to kaskuser who love to travel.

Follow and see their videos!

7. Marischka Prudence

I’m always envious of this cute sister’s photos on Instagram.

Always consistently traveling to explore the beauty of Indonesia and share it through his social media accounts. One of them is on his YouTube account, Marischkapru.

In his video, Kak Prue, “A Note from a Travel Junkie Introduction,” the former MetroTv News Anchor said that traveling has become a part of his life and taking pictures is his passion.

Have you subscribed yet?

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