Top 8 Best Places to Visit Chicago

Chicago is the third most populated city in the U.S, which offers everything that you would expect from a major city. It lies along the shores of the freshwater lake Michigan. Chicago is famous for its towering skyscrapers, world-class museums, and shopping venues. Chicago is also famous for its spectacular architecture, from the architecture river cruises to its art museums. There are so many things to see in Chicago, the following list will help you with your visit to Chicago.

1. Millennium Park
Millennium Park

The visit to Chicago is not complete without seeing the MillenniumPark. Millennium Park is famous for its Cloud Gate which is made of stainless steel and looks like a mirror. It is a sculpture by the artist Anish Kapoor. It reflects the surroundings, including the biggest buildings, and the visitors who came here. Another attraction in this park is Crown Fountain, a video sculpture that gives the appearance of water flowing from the mouth of images of Chicago citizens. Other things in this park are Jay Pritzker Pavilion, a concert venue, and Lurie Garden.

2. Grant ParkGrant Park

Grant Park is famous for its large green open space. It is the biggest park which contains many attractive places. There are many things to do in this beautiful and spectacular park. There are many flower gardens, walking paths, and wide-grassy sites. In the middle of this park, a beautiful Buckingham Fountain is present. It is one of the largest fountains in the world. It is the best place for entertainment, at night the fountain performs color-light shows that look amazing.

3. The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the largest and oldest art museums in the world, having thousands of artwork from all over the world. Outside of this institute, a statue of a lion made by Edward Kemeys is present. The institute is well-known for its impressionist and post-impressionist artwork collections. This museum has a large collection of European Decorative Arts, Asian Arts, Modern Contemporary Art, Photography, and Drawings. It is the best place for world-class artwork.

4. Navy Pier

Navy Pier

Navy Pier is one of the most visited and top attractions in Chicago. Navy Pier is full of entertainment for families, it consists of restaurants, gardens, shops, and family attractions. It has a 196 feet tall Ferris Wheel, an iconic. Visitors can enjoy swing-seat rides, 3D Imax theater, Shakespeare theater, and children’s museums. It is the best place to visit in Chicago with your family.

5. Lincoln Park & Zoo

Lincoln Park & Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo is located in Lincoln Park, a green space along the edge of Lake Michigan. It is one of the oldest zoos in the U.S. The zoo has more than 200 species of animals, such as monkeys, gorillas, bears, zebras, and penguins. It is a free zoo with an interactive farm. In Lincoln Park, there are many other things to do, like outdoor playing, jogging, and bike trails. The zoo also organizes a campus, in which children can learn about nature. It is the best place to visit with your family.

6. 360 Chicago (Observation Deck)

360 Chicago (Observation Deck)

360 Chicago is located in the John Hancock 100-story skyscraper, which is 1000 feet long. 360 is an observation deck on the 94th floor of this building. It presents an expansive view of the city, which you can see for 55 miles along any direction. The desk has a feature ‘Tilt’, a mechanized room, which gives the visitors a unique view from the top, as they are tipped outward at an angle to look straight down from glass. It is the best place to experience the city views from the top.

7. Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry is located at Jackson Park. It is a science museum that showcases the science and tech artifacts. The main motive of this museum is to inspire people with creativity. The museum has 75 major halls which have more than 2000 exhibits. The museum has many pieces of science and technology, like Stuka, Texaco 13, Boeing 727, Foucault pendulum, and many more things to see. It is the best place to visit and to learn about science and technology.

8. Shedd AquariumShedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium is one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world, holding 32,000 animals. It is the most visited aquarium in the U.S. It contains more than 1500 species, including marine mammals, a variety of fishes, birds, snakes, and many more. It exhibits many species from waters of the world, like Haraldmeier’s Mantella, Giant Pacific octopus, Gymnarchus, Seahorses, Electric eels, Freshwater stingrays, and other animals like Anacondas, Lizards, and many species of Turtles. It is the best place to see different kinds of animals.

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