How to run an app in background on Samsung with Lock This App

Lock This App – The Samsung Galaxy series is the most popular smartphone range worldwide. From value-for-money phones for $200 to flagships with a price tag of $1400 Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone range covers all basics, and provides precisely what you’re seeking.

When they first debuted the first time, most users were unhappy with the unpolished user experience, particularly that of the Touch Wiz UI. Samsung was aware of the criticisms and released One UI — arguably one of the most popular non-stock Android skins on the market. It doesn’t just provide a smooth and seamless experience for users however, it also offers users a variety of features to explore. Today, we’ll take an in-depth review of one of these amazing features. We’ll also explain the best way to make an app secure for your Samsung Galaxy phone.

What does “Lock this application” refer to on Samsung?

Before we go into the technical terminology, let’s first examine what exactly locking means. Once you have locked an application within the Samsung bluetooth earpiece, you basically tell your smartphone to keep the app stored in its memory, and ready to go. 

This way, you won’t be able to lose the progress you’ve been making within the application. And it allows you to start exactly where you were when you left. It is possible to save any app you have in your memory by selecting ‘Lock this app on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Which apps should be locked?

There isn’t any absolute rule of thumb regarding the locking of an application. However, you should consider locking the applications that must be functioning at full speed regardless of whether they run in the background. Some messaging apps that have poor notification delivery could benefit from staying in memory for a long time. Games that are played a bit too often, could be locked to ensure smooth transitions.

Overall We’d suggest that you disable the apps that you frequently use and will not be apprehensive when they drain your battery.

How do I lock an application to ensure it runs in the background

It’s not the equivalent of locking an application using a PIN or password. It’s about keeping the app to ensure that the system does not prevent it from running even when you’re using other apps , or even to lock the device.

After getting familiar with the locking mechanism that is available on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, let’s explore how you can secure your app. To secure an app, you’ll have to go to the recent apps section. Check out the Samsung A50 screen price in Nigeria. If you are using Android 10 and higher it is easy to swipe upwards from the lower part of your screen. And then hold it to open the recents screen. Find the app you wish to lock, and hold the icon in the top.

Longevity of battery is among the most crucial characteristics of the latest smartphones. Due to this, OEMs tend to over-commit to getting the extra SoT without noticing that a frenzied battery and RAM optimization can cause issues. This is why many users face major issues when apps aren’t operating in background mode on Android. This could seriously impact the user experience, and make some apps unusable.

Then, you’ll notice an icon for a lock at the bottom-right corner of your screen.

The app won’t be flushed from memory on its own.

What happens to an app locked when you press “Close All”?

Close all function that lets you swipe upwards from the bottom. And then hold it -is the best method to accomplish this in a flash.

If, however, you’ve locked the app before and you want to close it all, the “Close all” function is useless. It will remove all applications , excluding the one you locked. There is no way out of it, until you unlock the application.

How do you unlock an app?

Locking an app not just eats up a large portion of memory. But it can also have a negative impact on battery time.

To begin, you’ll need to swipe upwards from the lower part of your screen. Then hold it for a few seconds. When you find the app that you want to unlock. Press the lock button located at the lower right-hand corner of the app thumbnail. The app will be deactivated immediately.

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