“I live an organic, non-toxic life,” or “We’ve switched to organic living,” I’m sure you’ve heard. But, what exactly is organic living? And how do you make the switch to organic?’ 

Organic living is a way of life that promotes one’s health while also enhancing the health of the environment.

Although it appears to be an easy undertaking, adopting an entirely organic lifestyle can be intimidating, costly, and difficult.

How do you go from living a toxic-free life to a toxic-free life all of a sudden? Is it necessary to start afresh and throw everything away? Certainly not! Everyone has considerations such as time, money, and family obligations, to mention a few, so start small and work your way up.

Here are a few pointers to help you get started.


Organic living is frequently associated with food or nutrition. The simplest method to adapt, though, is to change your wardrobe style. What you put on your body is just as vital as what you put in it.

Sooti- Organic Ethical Clothing was born out of this idea. We hope to make women feel beautiful and fashionable with this brand. Sooti apparel is certified, sustainable, and ethically produced.

Did you know that conventional cotton consumes more chemicals than any other crop per unit area? Although it is the most extensively used fibre in the textile business, just about 0.1 percent of it is organic, which we believe is insufficient.

 Clothing is supposed to be soft and comfy, and organic ethical clothing does just that. The fabric is more durable because the fibres are longer, softer, and less brittle. Organic cotton clothing is more absorbent and breathable, as well as easier to care for. You can learn more about the advantages of organic cotton by clicking here.

While there are plenty of organic clothing options for babies, we couldn’t locate many for new mothers and people who wish to make the leap to a healthier. This is why, Sooti, we decided to create sustainable apparel for women. A mother’s body is delicate, and organic women’s apparel makes her feel as comfortable as possible!

They also make fantastic workout clothes because Organic Cotton is incredibly breathable and absorbent. Wear them to the gym or to your yoga sessions and feel as if you’re walking on air.

Ladies tops, sports bras, short leggings, cotton ladies pants, yoga pants, long cotton skirts, and more may be found in our current women’s online store. Sooti Organics is an online store that sells organic apparel.


Women spend a lot of money on their appearance. The cosmetics sector in the United States generated around $63 billion in revenue in 2016 alone! That’s a lot of makeup. Imagine the impact if there was a movement in the cosmetics sector toward organic products. Here are a few options for you to consider. Always check the ingredients list when purchasing new beauty products. Parabens and phthalates should be avoided. They’re a no-no! Alternatively, conduct some research on ‘Organic’ cosmetics brands and then stick with a reputable one. Unfortunately, many ‘Organic’ cosmetic brands still contain these ingredients. As a result, always examine the ingredients list before purchasing cosmetics. There are various easy DIY Organic product videos available if you’re ready for some creative labour and have some spare time.


It might be difficult to make the switch from conventional to organic food. You can begin by focusing on one food type at a time to make the shift to organic produce as quickly as possible. Start with milk, as it is the most important dietary component in your child’s diet and a major source of calcium for you. Nothing beats farm fresh organic milk and eggs from your neighbourhood farmers. Rather than buying pre-packaged, mass-produced things, seek for local farmers that specialise in seasonal vegetables.

You can begin with these and gradually increase your changes. You’ll notice a difference in your attitude toward the items you utilize in life when you start switching and making mindful choices.


Everyone wants their house to smell beautiful and fresh. Bathroom air fresheners, room sprays, plug-ins, scented candles, perfume, and body mist are all loaded with harmful chemicals that release toxic vapours into your home. You can substitute other natural ingredients that are both healthful and cost-effective. You can use essential oils to keep your house smelling fresh. Candles made of beeswax, potpourri, and natural sprays Lavender, pine, lemon, cedar wood, cinnamon leaf, and sweet orange can be utilised to freshen the air if money is limited.


It is not always necessary to send dirty spots and stains to the dry cleaners. Chemical bleaches are also harmful to your garments, causing them to lose their lustre. Lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda are all natural alternatives that are both healthier and less expensive. When your current cleaner runs out, simply replace it with one of these non-toxic alternatives at a time. You can also use essential oils to give your garments that extra freshness.

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