How Are Custom Printed Display Boxes Better Than Ordinary Boxes?  

Custom Printed Bisplay Boxes

A Custom Printed Display Boxes is an advanced version of the ordinary display box. It may have several additional advantages over the latter.

Advantages Of Custom Printed Display Boxes

  • For decorative purposes, you can paint it any color you wish. This gives greater freedom to your imagination and artistic skills.
  • You can find many exciting ways to use this item that are not available with the ordinary display box. For example, when placed in a specific location, it can become part of a story or puzzle that needs solving before accessing the said location.
  • You can make it link directly to another one of your bookshelves, meaning that only people who have solved all puzzles connected to several bookshelves may be able to access the contents of the custom printed display boxes.
  • The use of custom printed display boxes in the packaging industry is mainly for store sales. The function is to increase market recognition and play a protective role in transportation and storage.
  • It doubles as a hidden bookcase, containing several additional protected books behind the book it is supposed to be displaying (and thus able to be read by its owner only). This may act as an incentive for players to solve all puzzles connected to it first.

Can Ordinary Boxes Be Converted Into Display Boxes?

I generally use 12x8x8 cm boxes, but they are not very big, so if you want something big enough to store several candles or a keychain/necklace, you’ll need more giant boxes.

Where Do I Buy The Boxes?

I am sure there are more websites to get them online for reasonable prices, but I prefer eBay myself. That place has TONS of different boxes of all sizes and colors.


How Do I Paint Them?

I generally find some excellent online tutorials and use those as guides for this part of the project. It depends on what box you have, but most boxes can easily be painted with acrylic paints or something similar.

I like first to cover the whole package in primer and then just color on top of it on a separate layer (so that I don’t ruin the original finish). This way, there is less chance of messed-up details and more even coloring overall.

Is There Any Easy Way To Make Display Covers?

 Maybe if you want them to look like they’re made of leather or something similar, there a unique technique for that. I don’t know anything about it, though.

How Do I Make Them Portable?

If you want to transport your display books by car, boat, train, and so on, then this protect them from getting damaged due to moving around while still allowing you easy access at any time.

How Do Custom Display Boxes Differ From Ordinary Ones?

The main difference is that Custom Printed Display Boxes can contain several smaller boxes inside – often linked to solving some puzzle.

This way, you can have a package that is hiding several other packages, making your dungeons even more complicated and fun to explore 🙂

The Advanced Custom Printed Display Boxes Comes In Three Variants:

The small Custom Printed Display Boxes  are (box size = 1x1x1) the medium display box (box size = 2x2x2) and the large display box (box size = 3x3x3).

The small one costs 100 gold, the medium costs 150 gold, and the large one costs 200 gold. You can get them from an artisan or on the marketplace at many websites. And they are compatible with Jailbreak Modpack here on the curse for free.

How Packaging Industry Build Display Packaging Boxes? in the security is generally used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other high-end commodities. The use of display packaging boxes in various industries is also significant.

The reason for offering large display boxes, customized boxes packaging boxes is to increase market recognition, provide good transportation and storage protection, and create a good shopping environment. You must know that this requires the store’s salesperson’s understanding.

Does The Custom Printed Display Box Helpful For My Business?

From the above analysis, cosmetic packaging boxes and daily necessities custom display boxes are the most high-end. They are mainly by boutiques, supermarkets, and hypermarkets as a place of sale. Some stores also require their logo to decorate the package box, which makes your retailing more impressive.

The packaging box in the security generally used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other high-end commodities. The use of display packaging boxes in various industries is also significant.


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