Guide for Air conditioning

Guide for Air conditioning

Guide for Air conditioning is ideal for keeping a room at a comfortable temperature. You can benefit greatly from such an installation both at home and in the office. Living, working, and sleeping at night is a lot more comfortable with an air conditioner. A fan is nice and nice to bring the wind chill down a bit, but it doesn’t cool a room. And it’s not really pleasant to have warm air blown in your face when you’re already so hot.


air conditioner for the bedroom

There are several types of air conditioners from different brands available and that of course also entails many different prices. By collecting a lot of information in advance and looking at the room(s) that you want to cool, you can make a good choice. Start your search on the page buy air conditioning and tips or view:


Air conditioning installation

AirconditioningWijzer.nl was created to provide you with all the information you need about cooling your home, shop or office building. We can also put you in touch with experienced air conditioning companies that are happy to help you. Use our quote service for expert advice + free quotes.


Air conditioning types

In general, there are 2 types of air conditioners that you can choose from. There are of course also car air conditioners, but that is not what this website is about.


How to buy an air conditioner?

Buying an air conditioner is easy, but making the right purchase is another story. However, there are a number of things to keep in mind during the purchase process. Many types and cheap air conditioners are for sale online, in the store, and at specialized companies with various energy labels, varying energy consumption, and different specifications. When you are going to buy, it is best to pay attention to the moment of purchase first. Buying an air conditioner in the winter months can save you a lot of money. Demand is highest in spring and summer and prices are much higher.


You also need to decide whether you want a mobile air conditioner or a fixed split air conditioner. A mobile version is easy to move, a fixed air conditioner has a better cooling capacity and is generally quieter. Before you go to the store, it is best to measure the space you want to cool (Length x Width x Height = m3).


You can also choose to install the air conditioning yourself. Feel free to try out some air conditioners in the store or look for reviews and videos on the internet. Also, look at the dangers of some models.


All in all, it is wise to first pay attention to the following 2 points:


It is important to look at the power of the appliance and find out how much surface (or m3) it can cool. If you get a device that is too weak for a larger room, you can quickly look for a second one that can cool that room well.

Sound level device

It is also important to check how much noise an air conditioner makes. Depending on where you want to use it, it is smart to choose a device that does not produce too much noise. If you put an air conditioner in, for example, a study room, you don’t want to be constantly disturbed. You can certainly not use an air conditioner that makes a lot of noise.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are both advantages and disadvantages to having an air conditioner. The main advantages are that you can create a wonderful living and working climate and if you have an air conditioner with filters, you can have the air rid of contaminants such as dust and bacteria. In addition to cooling a room, many air conditioners can also heat and dehumidify. If you do not want the heating on throughout the house in winter, you can heat a room separately with an air conditioner. And that can save you a lot of heating costs. Get more ideas about Buying tips 

Of course, there are also disadvantages. For example, an air conditioner, if set incorrectly, can cause health problems such as a cold. Poor maintenance can cause physical complaints such as nausea and headaches due to bad odors. If you opt for a fixed air conditioning system, this can entail high maintenance costs. Any air conditioner, big or small, will always involve more electricity costs than an air cooler or fan. However, a fan cannot match an air conditioner.


Price air conditioning

For homes, you often have a choice of 2 types of air conditioners and they have their own purchase prices. Popular brands include Daikin, Toshiba, Samsung, and Carrier.


Type of air conditioning Prices

1a) Fixed air conditioning without the outdoor unit (monoblock) $1000 – $3000

1b) Fixed air conditioning with an outdoor unit (split) $1500 – $3000

2) Mobile air conditioning From $200

Read more about the prices of air conditioners.


Quiet air conditioning

If you are bothered by noises while sleeping, it is wise to opt for a silent air conditioner instead of a regular model. Especially the sound of a mobile air conditioner especially can be unpleasant and prevent you from falling asleep. A silent air conditioner produces a noise of up to 50 decibels, which is roughly equivalent to a working refrigerator. For many people that is fine for a good night’s sleep and such a model does not cost much more.

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