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FX Networks vs Fox: What’s the Difference?

A large number of people believe that FX networks and Fox are the same or at least related in some aspect. In fact, many of these people use the names interchangeably, as if there’s no difference between the two. However, Fx networks and Fox are completely different based on the content they produce and the audiences they target.

With greater access to deals like Spectrum TV packages, TV is now accessible to a wider audience. Despite the rising popularity of the internet, TV still hasn’t been made redundant. This is why networks like Fox are still relevant. Here’s how Foz and FX Networks are different.

Fox vs. FX Network

Fox is a broadcasting network that is centered around providing entertainment that is more general by nature. This means that it hosts content related to genres that aren’t too specific. These include movies, TV Shows, and documentaries. In addition to this, Fox is substantial in size and influence. As a result, it can rival big networks like CBS, ABC, and NBC.

In contrast, FX Networks owns FX. In fact, it is a designated subsidiary of Fox (Twenty-First Century). However, unlike Fox, this is not a broadcasting network. As a result, it has content that offers more specific themes that cater to a certain type of audience. When compared to Fox, FX Networks have content that contains adult themes along with greater edger. Thus, you’ll find a niche and controversial shows here like American Horror Story. In addition to this, FX stands for Fox Extended and is owned by the Walt Disney Company. Moreover, it’s important not to confuse this channel with FXX. This is another entertainment channel that typically caters to adult audiences.

Is Fox Network Owned by FX?

A large number of people are also confused about ownership. And it’s not surprising. It can be confusing to learn who owns who, especially when these networks and companies have names that are so similar. Towards the end of the year 2017, the Walt Disney Company announced its acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Bu default, this also meant FX Networks. After the completion of this deal, FX Networks officially became Walt Disney TV’s subsidiary company.

FXX is a similar channel but it is centered mostly around content for adults from ages 18 to 34. This channel is affiliated typically with comedic and light-hearted content while FX is a popular choice for people who want to watch drama series and movies.

Key Differences Between FX Networks and Fox

In order to better understand the differences between the two channels and networks, it’s important to make note of the key differences between FX and Fox. Fox Networks Group or FNG is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. This means that it is in charge of the supervision of international TV assets.

On the other hand, FX, as mentioned earlier, refers to Fox extended. In addition to this, Fox Entertainment Group heads FX Networks. This is a subsidiary of Twenty-First Century Fox. However, it’s also important to understand that both of these fall under the same head. This is the Walt Disney group.

In order to gain a stronger knowledge of the two networks, keep in mind that FX is a brand that is used by various TV channels around the globe. In addition to this, it is controlled by FX Networks, LLC, and is a US-based pay-TV channel. FX has been programmed to host mature content that has limited audiences. In addition to this, there’s a good chance that you’ll find high-quality content in terms of writing and direction on this network.

On the other hand, Fox acts as a network that caters to a wider range of audiences. This means that the shows and movies it hosts are mostly based on general content that makes it appropriate for any age group. In addition to this, Fox is the owner of enterprises like Fox News channel, Fox Nation, Fox News Radio, and Fox Business. Recently, Disney successfully acquired Fox. It explained that this acquisition advances online streaming services.

How Can You Watch FX?

Once you’ve learned about the main differences, you may want to know where you can watch this network. The good news is that FX Tv shows are available on a wide range of popular online streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Some of the most highly-rated FX TV shows include American Horror Story, What We Do in the Shadows, Sons of Anarchy, You’re the Worst, and Legion.

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