Easily adjust Netflix streaming quality for video

Netflix is their favorite for people due to many reasons; it has been a fair source of entertainment for people especially during the lockdown. It is so because Netflix and all such other OTT platforms have so much stored in the video library. There is more than enough for audiences from all age groups. But also people were able to develop their interest in the OTT content because of certain technical reasons as well such as the Netflix streaming quality for the videos the sound quality and much more.

Adjusting Netflix streaming quality

Though it is a fact as we have discussed above Netflix provides ultimate streaming quality for its viewers. This streaming quality keeps them well glued to their screens. But, still, as there are so many technologies associated with the workings of Netflix therefore users are often stuck with certain things. So they may need to adjust Netflix streaming quality for their own needs.

How one can work on adjusting Netflix streaming quality?

Adjust playback settings

This can be one thing through which you as a Netflix user will be able to adjust your Netflix streaming quality very easily.

In order to, do, this follow the steps given below

  • Log in and open the right profile
  • Next, from the drop-down click on “Account”
  • After this move down to the “profile and parental control section”
  • In the next step click on “profile”
  • After this, move to the “playback settings” option
  • Then in the immediate right click on “change”
  • As the next step choose your desired options and click on “save”

Other than this there is one more way out through which you will be able to work on the improvement of Netflix Video quality for video. we will further discuss regarding that one more process through which you can do it easily.

Upgrade to 4K-

This is yet another way through which you can work more on the improvement of the streaming quality. The basic plan offers HD playback for the videos but there is also a 4 K video quality playing but that is included with an upgraded plan of Netflix streaming service app.

What to do for upgrading to the 4 k video quality plan of Netflix?

In order to complete these processes of upgrading follow the steps given below

  • In Netflix open the account options
  • Next, move to the “plan details” given somewhere in the middle of the page
  • After this, click on “change plan”
  • Next, from the streaming plans as well as DVD options you can choose anything

How to fix Netflix streaming quality on android?

For fixing that you should follow the steps given below-

  • Please open the Netflix app on your device
  • After this, at the bottom of the screen search for the menu bar
  • Next, on a far side of the display, you will get to see “more”
  • After clicking on that look for “App settings” given at the end of the list
  • From the app settings, you will be able to choose exactly what you need
  • There you can choose the option for changing the streaming quality

It is not just this; you can not only work on the streaming quality of online Netflix videos. Even if you have some content downloaded from Netflix then also you can make the adjustments. Here, further in the guide we will see the process for improving Netflix streaming quality for the downloaded content.

Making streaming quality adjustments for downloaded Netflix videos

For this, please follow the steps given below

  • Please open and login Netflix app and go to your profile
  • Click on the three horizontal lines given in the lower right-hand corner of the screen
  • After this, please click on the “App settings”
  • Next, choose cellular data
  • Then turn on the toggle for anyone out of the four options that are available


So, this is how you can change or you can adjust the Netflix streaming quality, you can go to customer care UK for more help over Netflix if you feel the need for it. The technical team is available at your service all the time, the users can connect with the experts through live chats emails or phone calls whatever suits best to them.

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