Custom Popcorn Boxes- Perfect Choice for Eco-friendly Packaging Solutions

Popcorn is the yummiest snack that is a favorite of all ages and considered the instant source to remove craving. Whether you are a kid or an older person, if you are planning to watch a movie and play, you must hold the bucket of popcorn in your hand. Due to this, the requirement for popcorn never lays down, and everyone wants popcorn at any cost.  As an owner of a popcorn kiosk and brand, you need to use uniform packaging solutions to pack your popcorn. They go for two types of boxes, one is premade solutions, and the other is customized boxes. Basically, they need custom popcorn boxes with eco-friendly solutions to present their popcorn in front of your audiences. 

Why Do You Need Eco-friendly Packaging?

When you choose pre-made popcorn boxes, you don’t have any authentication for the quality of products. You don’t know what kind of material is used to construct these boxes and how much is harmful to human life. Comparatively, when you pick custom popcorn boxes, it offers you the choice to pick all things per your requirement. So, you have an open choice to pick nature–friendly solutions for the packaging of your product. You can choose multiple things according to your choices that are listed below for you. 

  • Material 
  • Styles 
  • Shapes 
  • Add-on
  • Window cuts-outs 
  • Coatings 
  • Content and graphics 
  • Printing method 
  • Logo 

Choose FCS Approved Cardstock for Custom Popcorn Boxes 

So, the first way to ensure your popcorn boxes’ hygienic level is to use FSC approved cardstock. The FSC Stands for Forest Steward Council who certified your cardstock to generate food packaging boxes. Therefore, popcorn manufacturers use hygienic material to pack their products, either its place on retail shelves and serve as takeaways. 

Kraft Popcorn Boxes have Tear-Resistance Capability 

If you are looking to use the best eco-friendly cardstock, then Kraft popcorn boxes are preeminent to pack your items in secure packaging solutions. Kraft is recognizable in the industry due to containing some superb characteristics. This cardstock is fantastically absorbed moisture, biodegradable, tear-resistant, and recyclable. 

Plus, the packaging supplier has multiple options for choosing the cardstock thickness as per your choice. So, you can choose from 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S for your wholesale popcorn boxes. Plus, it secures your products for a long time for your customers because this material is strong and tear e-resistance. Also, you can use 50% Kraft cardstock with 50% cardboard material for your popcorn boxes; then, it comes as a nature-friendly and affordable option for your brand. 

Corrugated Cardstock For Retail Popcorn Boxes 

If you sell uncooked popcorn kernels, you need to pack them in secure packaging boxes. For this purpose, brands use plastic and foil bags, sealed pouches as primary packaging and heavy-duty material cardstock for secondary packaging boxes. The use of cardboard and Kraft are sustainable for our environment and make the source of less resource wasting for our environment. 

But packaging brands modify cardboard and Kraft into corrugated cardstock. In this cardstock, zigzag flutes are used between 2 liner boards, and this material is best to protect your fragile items from damage. If you can use a Kraft liner board, your box is called corrugated Kraft popcorn boxes. On the other hand, if you can use cardboard liners or panels, then it’s called corrugated cardboard popcorn boxes.  So, you can pick any options that you can afford and more eco-friendly for customized popcorn boxes

Choose Eco-friendly Ink toners, Fluids, and Liquids 

Also, you need to ensure your packaging supplier must use mature machines and quality intoners for your custom printed popcorn boxes. The quality of your printed popcorn packaging speaks aloud in the industry to portray your positive brand image. Also, particularly if you provide takeaway services for warm and mouthwatering popcorn, you just need to use quality popcorn cases that print from the quality ink toners.

Moreover, if you pack your hot popcorns in low-quality printing popcorn boxes, then the inks start melting in your products and give little pigments to them. These popcorns are not suitable for your human health at any cost, and brands need to avoid using such toners. Thus, the use of quality printing inks becomes the need of the hour to pack your food in secure packaging. 

Hemp Ropes For Handle Popcorn Boxes Instead of Plastic Handle 

The use of handle popcorn boxes is best for particular kids because they easily carry them in their hands. Some brands use the plastic handle on the top of the custom popcorn packaging is not a nature-friendly option. So, you require hemp ropes and a cardboard-made handle for the construction of handle popcorns boxes and bucket styles. 

Insignia Food technology For Sealed Popcorn Pouches 

The latest technology insignia is specifically designed to protect your food from wastage. In the modern era, tons of food is wasted daily to judge the freshness of your products. Sometimes people forget about the product, and after 1 week they remember about it, but the product is completely spoile. 

So, the insignia technology tells us from time to time how much time is left to use your products securely. It explains the level of freshness with colors. A plastic pouch and box have some certain type of pigments inside the packaging that change their color according to the changes in food odors and explain how much time passed and left for using these items.

 Thus, popcorn vendors use this technology in popcorn packaging boxes to facilitate their users with explaining the freshness lifetime of your food because popcorns are perishable food items

Showing Your Eco-friendly Efforts thought Printed Popcorn Boxes 

If you want to spread awareness among your users, you take benefits from your printed popcorn boxes. You need to print your suitable efforts on the small part of the popcorn packaging. The best example of showing their eco-friendly efforts for the awareness of customers is Nestle that mentioned on the juice packaging to use paper-made straws and eco-friendly signs to deliver info to your end-users. So, if you can use insignia technology, Kraft-made boxes, and bioplastic for your popcorn packaging, you must print all efforts on the packaging to communicate to your audiences. 

Ending Up Thoughts 

So, the article highlighted why popcorn sellers need to use eco-friendly popcorn boxes to pack their popcorn. And how you can make nature-friendly boxes with customized solutions. So, you need to pick FSC approved popcorn packaging solutions. Add to this, Kraft and Bux heavy-duty cardstock is a biodegradable choice for your clients. Moreover, you need to portray your eco-friendly efforts by printing the symbol and signs on your boxes for the awareness of your target customers. Apart from this, you need to use insignia food technology for the packaging of popcorns. So, it is all up to you what you select to make custom popcorn boxes that are eco-friendly. 


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