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What is the Business Intelligence solution and how is it perceived

According to the study, the notion of Business Intelligence is correctly perceived by most respondents (76.9%). As an analysis and reporting system, used in the decision-making process. But there are also 23.1% people who confuse Business Intelligence solutions. With Enterprise Resource Planning solutions – ERP – or Customer Relationship Management. CRM – (or “company resource management” and “customer relationship management”).

The main quality for a Business Intelligence solution. According to the respondents with Al Rafay Global, is an easy-to-use interface. Considered very important by 64.5% of them. Technical support (60.6%) and training for using the Business Intelligence platform (58.9%). The openness to use a Business Intelligence solution. Flexibility (43.9%), low costs (47%) and self-service. And ad-hoc analysis and reporting (54.4%) are also priority qualities of a Business Intelligence solution.

Business Intelligence provider

On the other hand, it is no less important for the Business Intelligence provider to prove professionalism (78.4% of respondents mention this quality). Good knowledge of the product (74.5%), as well as the exact understanding of the customer’s business (69.3%).

According to the survey, only 38% of employees in companies use such solutions. Which demonstrates both the potential of the profile market. And especially the need for training and education of managers in accessing these solutions.

The most used Business Intelligence tools

The main objectives of the companies are: increasing profitability, productivity and sales and streamlining business processes. So that, in order to monitor their activity compared to the proposed objectives, users use regular departmental reporting (19%). Reports in Excel (17%), financial and sales reports and others. And when it comes to analysis and reporting, the main challenges companies face are: high volume of data, high consumption of resources (human, time, money), lack of predictability and an incoherent and cumbersome decision-making process.

According to the study, the most used tools are Microsoft Excel, SAP, Oracle, IBM. As for accessing dedicated Business Intelligence solutions, according to the same survey, the most used by companies are, in order: Microsoft Excel and Microsoft BI (36.9%), SAP (16.9%), Oracle (15%), IBM (8.1%) and QlikView (5%).

Unfortunately, only 19.5% of the respondents stated that they have ad-hoc access to useful information, and 46.3% have access to information in a few hours, for the rest of the respondents (34.2%) the time being more than a day!

User access in terms of number and management levels is also an important performance indicator. Thus, in 39% of companies their number is over 100, in 31.6% of them, the number is between 11 and 50 people, and in 21.1%, a maximum of 10 people can access the Business Intelligence platform, reveals the mentioned study.

Why Business Intelligence Solutions Are Beneficial

According to the respondents’ estimates, for this year, about a third (29.3%) of the respondents who use such solutions stated that they aim to test Business Intelligence solutions in their companies for Al Rafay Global, while 22% of them are thinking about increasing the number of reports and analyzes contained in the existing solutions. About 18% analyze the possibility of accessing existing Business Intelligence solutions in the company by several users.

Of those who do not work in their company based on such a solution, almost 18% say they plan to implement such a solution, and 10% of them intend to completely or partially replace the solution currently used.

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