An ecosystem that pays homage to Football betting 168

Sports majors and minors are divided by the surroundings. In Japan, many people watch baseball and soccer, so it is easy for players to get money, but in minor sports, it is not so, so money does not fall and it is difficult to earn income. It’s like an existing system or luck, isn’t it? Do you want to change that with technology and betting?

I also won the national championship in American football when I was in high school. However, if I think I can’t be the best in the NFL, I want an NFL team. I can’t eat it if it’s a minor sport I’ve experienced, so I want to do something. But until now, the environment for minor sports hasn’t changed. why. That’s because I’m bound by the definition of sports, and I can’t come up with any ideas.

We want to rewrite the OS of the sports industry, but everyone is using Windows now. We’re Macs, aren’t we? Because it’s Windows, everyone sees it as a business, and then they get paid for tickets and sell goods. I’ll just go with my own experiences. But there is a world beyond that. When thinking about the real world problem, the only answer is that we are the only ones who have arrived  to solve the problems of minor sports with sports betting.

Of course, the Olympics are great, but basically all the big (sports) competitions don’t come from the circus ideology. The circus is said to move and move around. On the earth where there are physical restrictions, no matter how many times you come around, it will reach its peak somewhere.

Another thing, I think the way athletes are treated hasn’t changed since the days of court clowns. Even at this Olympics, everyone was very impressed. But for some reason, when it comes to such a tournament, National comes out, Citizen comes out, and it is considered to be Japan or the United States. But is that really the idea of ​​the 21st century?

While things have real and psychological value, the psychological value is overemphasized, or the position as a court clown in the circus-like part is still being emphasized. If you get rid of that kind of problem awareness, you will rattle once. It’s okay if a Mac comes out (in terms of OS). If we do it on our platform, I think it’s okay to have one axis that makes a living.

Everyone is impressed by watching the แทงบอล 168 (Football betting 168) but when it comes to spending some money on it, there are no tickets, going to see it, or indirectly, but broadcasting rights, and so on. Speaking of being distributed to athletes, it is recruiting sponsors.

Given the new ecosystem as a model for the 21st century, we’ve come to what we’re trying to do through sports betting. Therefore, others cannot imitate it.

Sports are non-language, so even if you are British, there are people who support Japanese athletes. We will create new sports. There are 6-player soccer and 2-player soccer, right? Focusing more on such things, we will create encounters

By doing so, I will gradually inform you that “there was such an interesting sport in Asia” and “I will perform this kind of performance”. For example, in extreme sports, there are many excellent athletes in Japan.

We’re watching Netflix and we’re using Spotify, aren’t we? With the same idea, there are no barriers. It would be great if you could make the best content in Japan, cut into the big market in the UK, be impressed, and have a profit. This also contributes significantly to Japanese athletes.

One thing that can be helpful is that Japanese pachinko is a big market. There is also a big (gambling) market in the UK and how much can we take? Considering the population ratio, it’s big.

And the population ratio. Looking at the ratio of generations, if the elderly want to raise the sports market in most of the countries, there are only a limited number of moves. But there are many young people in foreign countries. That means we have to radically change our thinking. That is to create an OS in sports. Everyone is Windows, so it’s time to switch to Mac. The first step is to enjoy the benefits of our platform together with our ecosystem.

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