A Guide to Read Before You Plan a Trip To Goa

Ultimate Guide For Goa Trip

Everyone should plan a Goa vacation for a while. My wife and I made this Goa trip in January 2022. It was truly a memorable trip. All credit to our planning and walking around Goa streets. Every trip is an opportunity to learn and this article summarizes our experiences from the Goa trip. These tips will make planning a Goa trip easy and save you time. Let’s get started!

India has many tourist destinations. But Goa is the most popular for millions of tourists each year. The smallest Indian state has everything: architectural landmarks, beautiful beaches, water sports, and bustling flea markets. It also offers a relaxed vibe, delicious food, and lively nightlife.

Here are some tips for those who plan to visit India’s sunniest state Goa.


  • Be careful on the Goa beaches

The beaches are one of the most popular attractions in Goa. However, there are some risks. Sunburn and sunstroke are the most common. To avoid sunburn and sunstroke, use high-spf sunscreen and apply it in small amounts. Also, wear sunglasses and a hat.

  • Plan Your Dates

If you plan your trip and go to Goa during weekdays, prices can rise up to twice or more depending on how many people are coming. Peak season runs from November 1st to December 20th, and Ultra Peak season runs from December 21st to January 10th. Avoiding peak season and weekends when you plan to go on a budget Goa trip will help you save a lot and give you more choices in hotels.

  • Goa – Renting a bike / scooter / car & Commuting around

Renting a scooter or bike is the best option to explore Goa by yourself. Prices range from Rs.250-Rs.400 for normal days and can rise to Rs.1000 on long weekends or holidays. Prices can vary depending on the vehicle type and how long you are renting it. It is best to rent cars near your place of residence and inspect the vehicle for damage/ scratches before you hire to avoid any problems.

  • Travel between North and South Goa: Save Money

You can travel from North to South Goa/reverse by bus, taxi (Thivim-Palolem is about Rs.2000), or scooter (avoid the scooter if you plan to stay in South Goa because you must return to the place where the scooter was hired). For Rs.25 per person, I prefer a local train between Thivim and Cantona station (a journey of 2.20 hours). Check timings via email or with Indian Railways.

  • Goa Water Sports Activities

Nearly all beaches in Goa offer water sports. The rates are fixed. We recommend that you choose a beach other than BAGA or CALANGUTE to enjoy water sports.

  • Goa’s nightlife is worth it

A trip to Goa for three days would not be complete without experiencing the vibrant nightlife. Goa is the perfect place for party-lovers. The kind of decor and atmosphere it provides will make your trip unforgettable. Even if you’re not a party person, the nightlife in Goa can be an unforgettable experience. There are many bars, cafes, pubs, lounges, and cafés in Goa. But you can also enjoy live music, great food, and some of the best cocktails. Make the most of your three days in Goa to experience a nightlife unlike any other.

The global pandemic has made it very difficult for travelers. The days of being carefree and casual about choosing the hotels we would like to stay at during our trip are gone. This is how you can ensure that your holiday is safe and enjoyable. To make your trip enjoyable and stress-free, ensure you review the safety procedures, guidelines, and instructions at the hotel where you will be staying. You can plan several trips, a family trip or a honeymoon trip to Goa. You can book a goa trip package for couple here.

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