7 Best Ways to Package E-Cigarettes

Package E-Cigarettes

When it comes to e-cigarettes, there are a lot of different opinions on how they should be packaged. Some people think that the packaging should have a warning sign on it. Other people say that the type of packaging doesn’t matter, as long as the product is safe and secure. For those who are worried, there are certain ways to protect their e-cigarettes when they aren’t being used.

When e-cigarettes are not in use, some people like to keep them inside of their original package. This can be a great method for packing since it doesn’t take up much space and the packaging is sturdy enough to protect the product.

Some people prefer to keep their e-cigarettes in small Vape Boxes or pouches, especially when they need to take them with them on the go. For example, if someone wants to bring an e-cigarette with them to work and store it in their desk drawer, then a container would be ideal for this situation because they wouldn’t have to worry about other office supplies damaging their device. Pouches are great too because again they don’t take up much space and provide ample protection against getting damaged while traveling or out and about during the day.

Benefits for packaging the vape in boxes:

  1. Convenient to carry out, you can put it in your handbag or pocket easily.
  2. Protection for an electronic cigarette from dust and damage.
  3. Private information is well preserved; no one knows the product that you carry with you without opening up!
  4. The fashion element helps increase your personality!
  5. Highly cost-effective, only spend much less than 1 USD per box (depend on different size).

Different types for packaging of the e-cigarettes:

Package e-cigarettes inside of an e-cigarette carrying case.

Different cases come in many shapes and sizes. You can find a case that fits your lifestyle. Some people want a simple case while others might want something better looking or more secure.

E-cigarettes can also be stored inside an empty prescription pill bottle.

This method makes it easier for someone who travels often. They can put the e-cigarettes in a container that is safe and they can carry with them on trips. If someone wants to make their own packaging, they can buy empty cigar tubes and put the e-cigarettes inside.

People can give their products as a gift without paying for wrapping paper or finding a box to fit it. Almond shells make good packing material because they are biodegradable and work well to protect different types of products from getting damaged or wet.

Cigarette pouches are another popular option.

Unlike boxes and tubes, these items come in similar sizes as traditional cigarettes. You can put them in your purse or pocket. They also have a flap that you can use to keep the package closed and prevent it from falling out.

Cigar boxes are yet another option if you wish to create an authentic gift box that looks great.

These containers work well for people who don’t mind spending time making their own decorations. If you like to make things, you can make your own decorations.

These containers can be purchased online or found in some tobacco shops that sell cigars. Many of them come pre-made, though it’s important to note that no two boxes will look exactly alike due to natural variations in wood grain and other factors.

Here are a few tips that can be used when it comes time to package smoker’s products.

1. Bubble wrap the product before putting in a box.

Packaging your e-cigarette with bubble wrap will protect it from damage and it will also make sure that there are no sharp objects sticking out. This way, if someone gets hurt when the package arrives on their doorstep, it is not because of your packaging.

2. Use foam inserts inside of your shipping boxes.

To make the trip from one location to another, electronic cigarettes need a safe place to rest. That is why it is a good idea for manufacturers and distributors of electronic cigarettes to put foam inserts inside of their shipping boxes. This way you can stack as many boxes as you want without worrying that they will be damaged by the pressure from stacking them so high.

3. wrap it in bubble wrap before shipping:

To make sure your product isn’t damaged, put it in a box with bubble wrap to protect it. Put Styrofoam on top of it or other items to keep them from bumping into the electronic cigarette and damaging it.


4. If you are shipping multiple products, try to use smaller boxes instead of using larger boxes.

If you put more than one product in a box, the box will have to be big. This makes it hard for UPS or FedEx drivers to lift up the box into their trucks. They might drop your parcel either inside their truck or without any truck securing devices to keep it from falling out while they drive away with it unattended.

5. Using double-walled boxes

This gives your package an extra layer of protection against impacts and accidental drops. You can purchase these from your local printing company.

6. Use a Styrofoam Insert

The reason for this is to separate your battery from the atomizer. It also protects against drops. If you want to put a big box inside a smaller box, then the padding will stop any items from moving around during transportation and getting broken.

7. Use a hard case

Since e-cigs are made up of metal and glass, it is best to use something that will protect them from potential damage (i.e. dings, scratches etc.) during transport. This can be purchased at your local printing shop as well.

8. Use a pipe

Since we all know the size and shape of a standard tobacco pipe, it can be used as a protective case for your e-cigarette. If buying online custom cardboard boxes with logo, make sure you check out the reviews as well as product specifications (length/width) before making a purchase.


Packaging is just one of many considerations when it comes to selling e-cigarettes. Package your e-cigarette product according to how it looks. You will need to pay for the size, shape, and what is inside of the box. If you want something custom printed on it, make sure there is enough room in the box. When you are deciding how to ship your product, do not forget about shipping costs too.

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