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5 Ways To Reduce Swelling After Lip Fillers | Tribeca Medspa NYC

Over the years, having a fuller lip has become the trend. Most celebrities nowadays have big and plump lips, which make people want to get them too. People used to first over line and draw their lips to create an illusion of having bigger lips. But over the years, lip fillers have gained popularity among people. Tribeca medspa NYC has some of the best surgeons who can help you get bigger lips. By visiting Tribeca medspa cost can be determined for getting plump lips. Although it is a fairly simple process, people can experience swelling after getting lip fillers. Sometimes people worry about it, but with the right process, they can reduce the swelling. Make sure to visit the best medspa in NYC to get the lip fillers as you will be in safe hands. Let us see some of the ways you can reduce swelling after getting lip fillers.

Ways to reduce swelling after lip fillers

1. Cold compress

As we know, a cold compress always helps with swelling. For this reason, a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a towel or ice pack can do wonders for your lips. You can apply this cold compress to your lips several times a day. Make sure to apply it for 10 to 15 minutes each time. When you apply an ice pack to your lips, it helps slow down the blood flow to the affected area. This way, you can reduce the swelling and develop bruises. But whenever you are applying ice or something cold, make sure to wrap it in a towel, or you can get a cold burn or frostbite.

2. Keep your head elevated

When you go to a Tribeca medspa NYC to get your lip fillers, they will suggest you keep your head elevated after the procedure. After coming home, make sure to use more pillows while lying down to keep the head elevated. This way, you can slow down the blood from flowing, and it helps reduce the swelling. You will also notice that it will help with the bruises. By letting gravity do the work, you can help with the swelling. Make sure to avoid doing anything head down, such as yoga, for the first few days after getting the lip fillers.

3. Opt for an herbal remedy

Many people have found this remedy useful for bruising and swelling of lips. With the help of arnica, you can help your lips reduce swelling. There are many medical spa Manhattan that would also suggest an herbal remedy. Arnica is a type of flower that you find in the mountains and is popular because of its healing properties. It can help you reduce swelling and bruises as well. You can start taking the arnica tablets a few days before getting the fillers. Make sure to continue taking it after the procedure is done. This way, you can control the swelling and pain. Apart from arnica, you can also try bromelain. This medicine also helps with the swelling and bruising, and you can take it 3 days before getting the fillers. This medicine is known as a natural anti-inflammatory, and you can find it in most health stores.

4. Say no to gym

Even if you are a fitness freak and can never stay without going to the gym, make sure you stay away from it after getting the lip fillers. Professionals at med spa Queens would also suggest you stay away from the gym after the procedure. Make sure you stay away from the gym for 48 hours after the lip filler procedure. If you indulge in excess exercise, it will increase the blood flow and cause swelling and bruises. Also, heading over to the gym will make your head bend down, which can lead to excess blood flow. If you still want to do some exercise, then go for walks. Make sure to keep your heart rate below 100 and do not expose your lips to extreme temperatures such as a sauna.

5. Eat and drink healthy.

After getting the lip filler, make sure you eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and also drink lots of water. When you have your meals and drink properly, you provide your body with healing powers. This way, you can reduce the swelling much faster. Make sure to avoid salt as it leads to dehydration and can cause swelling. Most professionals would also ask you to avoid alcohol for 24 hours post-treatment. You should also make sure not to consume alcohol 24 hours before the treatment as well. When you intake alcohol, it can lead to the opening of blood vessels, and it can make the bruising and swelling worse.

People should always avoid taking over-the-counter medicine to help with swelling and bruising. It would be best if you only opted for the prescription medicine that your medical professional would recommend.

How much swelling is normal after the treatment?

When you get the lip filler procedure done, there is a chance of a small amount of swelling in your lips. But the swelling should go away within a few hours of the treatment and completely disappear. Most of the time, it takes about 3 to 5 days for the swelling to disappear completely, and then you can see the complete result from the treatment.

How long do lip fillers last?

Most people have this misconception that lip fillers last forever. But in reality, lip fillers only last for six months to a year maximum. People need to go back and get their fillers done after it fades away. You can also not do much to prolong the fillers. Also, the aftercare is minimal.

Those who do not love the result of their lip fillers can go back and dissolve it. Tribeca medspa NYC ensures that you have the lip fillers and the look of your choice. Make sure to follow these steps and reduce the swelling and bruises from getting the lip fillers. This way, you can enjoy your new lips within a couple of days after the treatment.

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