10 Amazing Interior Design Ideas for Your Staircase

Stairs are often overlooked, but they can have a huge impact on the aesthetic of a room. The right paint will make them look like they belong in your home. What colours do you need to know about?

 There are a few things to consider when choosing the best staircase colours for your home:


  1. Ombre Stairs

The classy and serene look can upgrade the look of your staircase. Start with a softer shade and gradually move towards the deeper tones of the same colour.


  1. Colour blocking

Colour blocking is modern and powerful. Use two contrasting colours like yellow and blue or black and white to create a stunning effect to brighten any day.

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  1. Rainbow stairs

Strong rainbow colours are bright and bold. Try a matte finish for a sophisticated look that also gives a cheerful vibe. Get all the amazing colours at once!

  1. Monochromatic appeal

To produce attractive monochromatic effects, choose neutral colours like brown, black, and grey. The harsh black, white, and natural wood style complements the modern living room while also breaking up the white accents.


  1. Chevron stairs

Chevron is a very popular design in drapes, rugs, and other home decor items. Why not use it on the staircase? Use your painter’s tape and create the pattern seamlessly to create an elegant effect. It can go perfectly with wooden stairs and monochromatic black and white effect.


  1. Geometric patterns

Give an element of abstract design to your staircase with modern geometric patterns. There are many ways in which you can use shapes and patterns to make your staircase stand out. Circles, triangles or squares, there are endless ways.


  1. Bold Pink colours

Pink is an amazing colour for the staircase especially if you want to make it pop out. You can use many pink shades or a single shade on one side. Pink can go beautifully with white and black.

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  1. Paint the top

Many times, we often choose to paint the front side of stairs that is visible when you go upstairs. You can paint the top portion to create a new effect. Paint it with your favourite bold shades like blue, green, and even red.


  1. Use two colours side by side

A wide staircase might appear cumbersome and enormous in a tiny space. Splitting the steps in half with paint gives the idea of a narrower stairway that complements the rest of the room. Use contrasting shades for the best effect.


  1. Add prints on your stairs

Prints on stairs are very modern and the details add to the charming aesthetic. You can use patterns but also fun wallpapers to add details.

Staircases are one of the best places to decor. They can instantly give a look to your space. You can experiment with your favourite colours and the changing trends to make this a showstopper in your house.



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